The first step to determine if a vision problem is contributing to your challenges is a full evaluation. If you have a head injury of any kind, then you will need a  Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluation. Otherwise, the first step is a Developmental Vision Evaluation.

During the Developmental or Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluation the doctor will determine the nature and extent of the visual dysfunction. Depending on the patient’s needs the exam will take approximately 60-90 minutes.

•     At times, further testing utilizing specialized diagnostic equipment may be necessary. If the Doctor determines that further testing is necessary, additional visits will be scheduled.

•      In the event that perceptual testing is needed, or that vision therapy is the recommended treatment, the patient will be referred to the Vision and Sensory Center.

•      We participate with most of the major health insurances.


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About Us

West Michigan Vision Specialists along with it’s sister clinic, The Vision and Sensory Center, are Nationally and Internationally recognized for Neuro-developmental and Behavioral Optometry. Our Doctors are involved in teaching and mentoring national and international student doctors. In addition, our clinics are a host site for post-graduate education through the Optometric Extension Program.

We know that vision involves much more than seeing  “20/20”  and that vision occurs in our brains. Vision impacts how we move, think, and learn. We specialize in identifying:

  • abnormalities in the visual system that lead to eye coordination or eye teaming problems,and learning related vision difficulties
  • delays in vision development resulting from developmental disorders such as autism and sensory processing disorder
  • disruptions in visual processing as a result of a brain injury or degenerative disease.

We understand that the brain  is able to create or repair neural connections (neuroplastic). We use the latest advances in Vision, Cognitive and Brain Science, along with the Optometric use of lenses, prisms, filters and light, with an emphasis on development and behavior, to help our patients optimize their visual systems for work, school, sports and activities of daily living.

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